Music Education Technology Endorsements...

"I would just like to thank you for your presentations yesterday. The Penn State PCMEA board was absolutely thrilled that you were able to speak to all of us and you certainly did not disappoint. Your sessions were so engaging and interesting and truly made the day that much better. Technology is such an important part to our lives today and I can only imagine how much it is going to grow in the future, so your sessions were very enlightening and useful as we all prepare to enter the workforce not too long from now. I remember turning to one of the other PCMEA board members during your first session and saying how glad I was that you were here sharing your expertise with us and how great it was to be learning from someone as distinguished and experienced as yourself."

Chris Ballentine, Event Organizer
Penn State PCMEA Chapter
(October 2014)

"Scott, thanks again for your presentation to our music department! It was highly informative and provided a lot of useful tips and techniques to better utilize technology in our music courses across the K-12 curriculum. Especially helpful was the information on Web 2.0 and Blended learning. Our district is currently emphasizing these skills and the use of blended learning is actually part of our portfolio requirement. Your presentation gave us a number of great tools, resources, and examples of not only how to incorporate blended learning, but more importantly how we can maximize its benefit to teachers and students. I would recommend your presentation not only to music teachers, but to any teacher or district that wants to better teach students in a 21st century learning environment. Thank you again, I hope we are able bring you back again as a presenter."

Frank Felix, Music Department Leader
Nazareth Area School District, Nazareth, PA
(September 2014)

"In August 2013, Dr. Scott Watson was a guest clinician for our music teachers in the Wilson School District, West Lawn, PA. The focus of the six hour workshop was current trends in music technology and the "Finale Top 10" list of most popular uses for the program. Our teachers were very impressed with Scott and his enthusiastic approach to the workshop. He was very patient and differentiated his teaching to the needs of the various technology backgrounds of the participants. We also appreciated his "real" stories about project-based activities and learning that may work best with various levels of students. Our teachers are excited to implement the various Finale tips that were covered during the workshop throughout the new school year. The Wilson Music Department will certainly request Dr. Watson as a future clinician to continue our growth in music technology education."

Donnasue Thompson, Music Department Co-Chair
Wilson School District, West Lawn, PA
(August 2013)

"I feel this course was the best-organized and most informative music technology course I have taken in the past several years. The balance of the presentation of information with the opportunity to work on several individual projects to utilize and experiment with the tools and techniques presented was outstanding, and I now feel confident that I can successfully incorporate the use of GarageBand in my own classes at school."

Mike Buterbaugh, Choral Director and Keyboard Lab Instructor
Schuylkill Valley High School, Leesport, PA
(July 2013)

"Dear Scott, I'd like to thank you again for being a part of the MTEC2013 conference. Your engaging keynote speech was pitched perfectly for our audience of music teachers and was a fantastic opening for our 3-day event. Not only did you manage to inspire with real-life examples of what could be achieved through the use of technology in music education, you presented examples that were practical and achievable by 'regular' teachers.

The concepts in musical creativity covered in both your workshops and keynote speech were informative and practical and they reflected current trends in learning and the integration of technology. The delegate feedback about your hands-on workshops was top-notch and included the following comments (quoted!):

  • Outstanding. Thoroughly engaging and again very practical.
  • Ideas to immediately implement.
  • Scott Watson is very engaging.
  • Concepts were presented in a way which made me feel confident to go away and explore.
  • Scott Watson's session was very comprehensive and useful.
  • A range of excellent ideas and free resources.
  • Well delivered, relevant to topic.
  • Loads of great suggestions from Scott!!

Thank you once again for your professionalism and friendly demeanor. It was a pleasure to work with you during MTEC 2013 and I hope our paths cross again someday."

Katie Wardrobe, Project Manager
Music Technology in Education Conference 2013
(Yarra Valley Grammar School, Melbourne, Australia)

"PMEA District 7 invited Dr. Scott Watson to give the keynote address plus two additional sessions at our annual Professional Development Day. The most consistent comment of the day was "I wish we would have had an entire day just with Dr. Watson." His real-life applications and project-based learning strategies are timely and consistent with today's classroom needs. He is able to demonstrate a combination of new technology with creative thinking skills in order to promote student learning and creativity. Every teacher left with projects, tips, and resources that can be used immediately in the classroom."

Amanda Narehood, PMEA District 7 Professional Development Chair
& Cocalico School District
(October 2012)

"In his thought-provoking and motivating book Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity, Scott Watson opens a portal to a fresh and inspiring realm of ideas that take music education to new levels. The book presents ideas for handling the lack of creativity in the traditional music classroom through the philosophical and practical application of music technology. Watson's strong background in composition and wealth of teaching experience provide an expert perspective on how music educators at all levels can implement creative projects...Scott Watson has created a treasure trove of ideas for taking the doldrums out of the music classroom while facilitating technology implementation. This book is a highly recommended resource for any music teacher looking for a fresh atmosphere in the classroom."

Reviewer John S. Bailey writing in MENC Journal, September 2012

"I wish I had this book or Watson as a teacher when I was growing up. But we all have him now...Anyone with an interest in creative teaching should get this book - it comes with a whole lot of metaphorical wheels that you won't have to reinvent. Treat yourself to a springboard for your creative teaching using Scott Watson's thoughtful and informative book."

Reviewer Jeffrey Agrell, University of Iowa, in The Horn Call, October 2012

Reviewer David Ashworth wrote a glowing review of Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity (Oxford University Press) at the Teaching Music (UK) website:

"...a comprehensive work, highly readable and packed with good ideas. I cannot think of another single volume that does the job as well as this book. Highly recommended."

Read Ashworth's entire review here:

Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity was reviewed by Douglas Thompson in the January 2012 issue of General Music Today The online version of the review can be found here. but here are several quotes:

"[Watson's] book is brimming with information, pedagogical approaches, overviews of music software and hardware, and ready-to-implement lesson plans demonstrating how to make the connections between music technology and musical creativity."

"Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity is a book of extraordinary value and usefulness to music educators. Dr. Watson - a seasoned music educator who has spent years reflecting on and refining music technology's use in the classroom to unlock students' creativity with music - shares with his readers the vital connections between music technology and musical creativity. Best of all, in Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity Watson teaches us to make those same connections."

Music technology reviewer, Chad Criswell (August, 2011,, says of Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity (Oxford University Press):

"Scott Watson puts forth a wealth of information, lesson plans, and innovative ideas intended to get music teachers thinking of new and creative ways to use the technology they have at their disposal to increase the creative opportunities that they provide to their students...Scott Watson's innovative spirit and forward thinking attitude toward the use of technology in music education is refreshing and inspiring."

Read Criswell's entire review here:

"I'd like to personally thank you for the very informative educational events you presented at our in-services this year. Even though you have held these workshops before for us in the past, we always walk away learning something new and useful. Our department had been looking forward to your visit for weeks and you surely didn't disappoint. As the school year continues, we feel confident that we will have something new to try with our students. Thank you again for helping our department. We hope you know how much we appreciate your instruction."

Sincerely, Mark S. Jonkman (Music Department Coordinator)
Northampton Area School District
(February 2011)

"Scott Watson is one of our best technology instructors receiving high marks from students, colleagues, and administrators alike. His courses consistently fill and his instruction earns the highest ratings. He is prepared, knowledgeable and patient with his students."

George Pinchock, Director
Villanova University Summer Music Studies Program
(February, 2011)

"Scott Watson is equally at home as a workshop clinician and as an author, presenting thoughtful, engaging, and up-to-date ideas in a compelling fashion in spoken and written word alike. I admire in particular the great amount of positive energy his brings to his presentations and publications. He wears his expertise well, empowering music educators of all walks to try out new ideas."

Norm Hirschy, Editor
Oxford University Press
(Spring, 2011)

"Dr. Watson's approach to composition is innovative yet practical. I believe teachers will find that his pedagogy is not only accessible to students, but also stimulating to their creativity and musicianship. I have observed him use his techniques with students and can attest to their effectiveness.
[From back cover of Watson's book, Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity (Oxford University Press).]

Linda Thornton, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Music Education
The Pennsylvania State University
(Fall, 2010)

"Scott Watson presented a lecture, Unlocking Creativity with Technology, to the Berks County music teachers at an in-service session at the Berks County Intermediate Unit. Scott delivered a very interesting presentation - there was a wealth of information for which I'm sure many participants envisioned using personally to enhance instruction or with students, to further their own understanding of composition and theory. His examples were vivid and compelling - he skillfully set the scene for us to understand many of the situations surrounding the assignments and provided memorable vignettes about the students that all could relate to. His presentation was well paced. I like the way he varied it with examples and stories while maintaining a close connection with the audience by posing questions, using interactive techniques, and surveying for feedback. He has a lot of energy and enthusiasm - it is obvious that he is passionate not only about teaching music but also about finding new ways to incorporate technology into the music curriculum. I certainly hope that we can have him back again one day, either in the same capacity or perhaps in a small group situation in my home district."

Leslie R. Deatrich
Vocal and General Music Teacher, Muhlenberg School District
Lecturer, Albright College
(October 25, 2009)

"Why take a music technology workshop with Dr. Scott Watson? Good question, and I'm glad you asked. Let me explain it this way. In my family we like to get together often and there is always plenty of food. When I host, I am fond of saying "If you leave the table hungry, it's your own fault." Well, a workshop with Scott is the same - if you leave without having learned a new technique or a new teaching strategy, you weren't paying attention!"

Doug Bolasky, Music Department Chair
Southern Lehigh School District
(December, 2009)